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Louis Vogel,
Editor in chief

Louis Vogel, Professor of Law, Panthéon-Assas University (Paris II) and Attorney at the Paris bar (1981), New York bar (1990), Brussels bar (1992) and Frankfurt bar (1993) has authored a number of legal books and articles on competition, distribution, consumer affairs and European business law.

Previously a field of law reserved to the few, now competition, distribution and consumer law are amongst the fasted-growing legal disciplines in today’s market.

The high-quality and practice-driven expertise at LawLex is able to meet the expectations of corporate lawyers faced with issues pertaining to our areas of specialization.

LawLex offers 4 collections of legal publications in paper or digital form, in French, English and German (for French competition law only):

• Legal textbooks with in-depth analysis of case-law.

• Practical guides with annexes reproducing all relevant legislation.

We update our materials on a regular basis. All updates and decisions cited are available free of charge at pending publication of new editions.