LawLex, a publisher for the 21st century

LawLex publishes specialized legal works in the field of EU and French Competition and Distribution Law, Internal Market Law and an EU Law Database.
Competition, distribution and internal market law constitute a global field, based on universal economic and legal theories affecting the businesses the world over. In that field, law is evolving along common lines and legal practitioners need to keep abreast of all the case law relevant to it. 

An original concept

LawLex shall aim to overcom the differences between theory and practice, between civil law and common law systems; the materials and database published are based on all the current jurisprudential trends. Unlike the traditional continental way of thinking, LawLex does not simply illustrate the theory by reference to the case law, but builds a real theory from practice and develops it on that basis . For LawLex, the theory of today is the practice of tomorrow.

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Louis Vogel, Editor